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Nurse's efforts to help San Diegans stretches far beyond the frontlines

Posted at 8:04 AM, Feb 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-16 11:29:44-05

POWAY (KGTV) -- For Gemma Frulla, a registered nurse at Kaiser, becoming a nurse came naturally. She radiates a passion and desire to help others.

"I'm a very service-oriented person, which is why I'm a nurse, and I just love to serve people," said Frulla.

Frulla's line of work involves preparing patients to continue at-home care upon being discharged. It's a duty with a lot of responsibilities, but one she described is equally rewarding.

"It helps give me the opportunity to help patients be independent at home, and I love the moment when they say they can take care of themselves," said Frulla.

But the joy she gets from helping others doesn't stop once she's off the clock. She says she's somewhat of a volunteer addict.

This past year alone, she collected items for local food pantries, spearheaded a flu-shot drive at her church, where she vaccinated over 500 people. She also worked with an organization that provides temporary housing for homeless men, filling trunks up with donated clothing, and even found time to run a few virtual marathons for local charities.

"When you give your time, talent, and treasure, it comes back to you tenfold -- or 100 fold. I do believe in that," said Frulla.

She volunteers at Ever Avenue, either with her church or through the Specialty Nurses of Southern California Union.

"My kids are grown so it's between me and my husband now. I work until 4 p.m., so, there's plenty of time after that," said Frulla.

A nurse, mother, and wife, adding full-time volunteer to the list might seem overwhelming to some, but Frulla said what she gets in return is much more than what she gives.

She doesn't take her good fortunes for granted, she said. Her volunteer work also allows her to give thanks for her blessings.

"It lifts me up, it's my way of [giving thanks]," she said.