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North County teens use power of art and social media to raise awareness

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Posted at 3:23 PM, Jul 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-30 18:24:31-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — Lauren, Fiona, and Eecho are high school students in the North County that started the Unconfined Project last year to give young artists, including themselves, an outlet to showcase their work during the pandemic while giving back to frontline workers.

Young artists submitted their graphics to their group, then their art was printed on apparel and sold online, with all profits going straight to those affected by COVID-19.

"We collected about $300 and donated everything to the San Diego Foundation to ensure the money was directly given back to the community," said Fiona.

But when fundraising efforts came to an end, they wanted to keep connecting with local artists, this time to build awareness for real-world issues.

"Our aim is to build a community of artists, writers, where we all care about these relevant issues."

They continued using the organization's social media account to display graphics that would spark conversation among their peers.

Their group includes writers, designers, artists and just became a 5013C non-profit, with future plants to promote art within the community by holding events.

"We're organizing a summer camp for students not only in San Diego but across the nation that focuses on art."

They said they've learned first-hand what their shared passion can do for people and issues in need.

"I've been able to learn the beauty of art and what art can bring to the community and the deeper meaning behind every single piece our artists make."