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Giving Day in San Diego benefits non-profits and beautifies our communities

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Posted at 4:49 PM, Sep 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-09 19:50:24-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- The non-profit organization Urban Corps of San Diego County was in Logan Heights putting mulch around recently planted trees.

"What is great about this project, the mulching, is it's part of a partnership with the non-profit Tree San Diego, which is also a part of San Diego Gives."

It is just one of the many beautification projects performed by local non-profits as a part of the first ever local giving day.

"It's a day to give back," says Urban Corps of San Diego County Development Director Lauren Welch. "Agencies showing how one can volunteer, and other agencies saying here are the funds you need to help support our mission."

Welch is the driving force behind Giving Day, and she's excited to see it become a reality. It will help non-profit's, like Urban Corps of San Diego County, which provides a lot of services from mulching, and weed control, to clearing dry brush and tree limbs for fire prevention.

"It's a thought I had where I wondered if there was a way to do a regional day of giving. I then asked a group of fundraising friends, and they said let's do it. There are 120 non-profits that are a part of it."

A very important part of Giving Day are the 120 non-profits trying to raise $500,,000. The money is needed in order to provide beautification projects for our local communities.

"You go to and you can choose where you want to give. It will break it down in what you are interested in, and you can give straight on the website. Donations go straight to the non-profits. The $500,000 is for all 120 of us."