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Chula Vista first responders, ER doctor reunite with baby they saved

Posted at 11:26 PM, Jul 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-15 15:59:37-04

CHULA VISTA, Calif. (KGTV) - A young girl who almost lost her life in 2018 was reunited Wednesday with the first responders who saved her three years ago.

It started June 15, 2018, when mother Nathaly Alvizures wanted to celebrate one of her kids’ birthdays. The celebrations took a turn when her youngest, Marley, quickly got sick.

The single mother of five got her family in the car and drove into town for help. A 911 operator told her to pull over so an ambulance would be able to locate her. That’s when her luck changed.

“I made that right to try and find a place and I just saw fire station. It was just a miracle that I got there because I didn’t know that was there,” said Alvizures.

She stumbled upon a Chula Vista fire station and her son, who is Autistic and not verbal, ran to the station door to ask for help, something she now says she is incredibly proud of.

The three firefighters inside knew exactly what to do.

“At that point, it’s all hands on deck so all three of us are either doing one thing or another and it has a fast-paced rhythm to it,” said fire engineer Daniel Thomas.

One firefighter rode in the ambulance with baby Marley and mom Nathaly. Another drove the rest of the kids to the hospital. The third followed in a fire truck. They ended up going to Sharp Chula Vista, where ER doctors were able to save little Marley’s life. She spent the next month recovering at Rady Children's Hospital.

Then, silence -- as is the case for most first responders. It’s not common to hear from patients or find out if they’re okay after treating them.

“You never really know. You’re kinda left hanging. You hope for the best but being realistic usually the outcome is pretty grim,” said Thomas.

Until this year.

Every year on the anniversary of the incident, Alvizures delivers flowers to the Chula Vista fire station and Sharp Chula Vista. This year, she left a note that reads “Thank you for saving my life in 2018. Because of you, now I am 4 years old. Marley Guzman.”

The note inspired a reunion, and the first responders responsible for saving her that day were able to reconnect with the now four-year-old.

With a massive smile on her face and a flower in hand, Marley gave big hugs to the firefighters from that call and also Emergency Medicine Physician Michael Holman, the Sharp Chula Vista ER doctor who took care of her in 2018. Holman said even though it was three years ago, he remembers caring for that little baby in 2018.

With tears in her eyes, Alvizures thanked everyone, saying that day three years ago taught her the most important lesson in life.

“It doesn’t matter if you have anything. What matters is this. That we’re all together, that we have each other, that’s what matters,” she said.