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This Fun Float Will Turn Your Beach Days Into Disco Parties

This Fun Float Will Turn Your Beach Days Into Disco Parties
Posted at 11:25 AM, Jun 16, 2021

Summer is here, and if you don’t have all your pool and lake accessories yet, it’s not too late. In fact, there’s a new giant float that’s sure to turn your lazy summer days into a party.

This giant disco dome float from Funboy instantly transforms your water experience into a disco party. The interior of the disco dome is adorned with palm trees leading to the center, where you can attach a beach disco ball.

The circular seating area features a checkered pink pattern and a massive mesh foot bath to keep your toes cool in the water, while a lightweight mesh top provides filtered respite from the sun’s rays.


While the beach disco ball is sold separately and can be bought with or without the dome, you will receive the beach ball (a $25 value) for free with the purchase of the disco dome now for a limited time.

Priced at $299, the disco dome float measures 8.3 feet in diameter and is nearly 6 feet tall. It holds four people and has four cupholders, with a weight limit of 700 pounds. Shipping is free.


Funboy has dozens of other floats and summer accessories, like this golf cart float, a giant cabana float or a rainbow cloud float that measures 9 feet tall and has an inflatable bench, cupholders and room for six friends.

Funboy also has a new collection for children, filled with fun floats like a unicorn, private jet and a variety of kiddie pools, which are also big enough for adults and could also be filled with blankets and pillows for an outdoor movie night.

The Funbaby collection also includes a giant rocketship sprinkler now marked down to $55. The sprinkler is 7.5 feet tall and 66 inches in diameter, has four nozzles and 360-degree water action spray. For ages 3 and up, it connects to a standard garden hose and inflates in minutes.


You’ll even find some pool floats for your favorite four-legged friend, which includes limited-edition versions of the larger human-sized floats optimized for dogs with a special paw-resistant material. All priced at $59, choices include this yacht dog float, private jet float and rainbow cloud float.

Dog rides pool float for dogs

If you’re still searching for something different, Sam’s Club has a variety of giant floats as well, though you will need a membership to order one.

Some of their choices include an 18-foot airplane, a floating picnic table and a retro pink limo float.

Sam's Club

Will you be adding a new giant pool float to your summer shopping list?

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