Women's Military History Exhibit reopens

Posted at 10:45 PM, Mar 25, 2016
SAN DIEGO -- The Veteran's Museum at Balboa Park is reopening the Women's Military History Exhibit. 
Vicki Nenner, who served as an Air Force Nurse during Vietnam, is excited to have her uniform on display.
"What I did was really important. I was taking care of our soldiers," she said.
Nenner showed 10News pictures from one of the most important chapters of her life. She helped countless soldiers who got injured in battle -- a task just as important as being on the front lines. 
"It was an incredible experience," Nenner said.
Standing right next to her old nursing uniform, Nenner recalled one of the most memorable moments she shared with an injured soldier. She eventually learned they went way back.
"I'm checking a patient on a stretcher and all of a sudden I hear 'Vicki is that you,' and I look up there's Jim from my high school class and we hugged each other and he was just so happy to be alive," she said.
Nenner is one of many former servicewomen honored in the Women's Military History Exhibit. The museum is hosting a grand re-opening this weekend after spending the last six months adding new exhibits and stories.
"What I love about this room is it shows that yes, women do serve in the military and we do important jobs and we have been honored for those jobs," she said.
Nenner said she is the one honored to have served. Her enthusiasm hasn't faded one bit.
"That time in the Air Force was the peak of my life and I will always look back on it with pride. I'm so glad I served," Nenner said.