Woman who caused active shooter scare in downtown San Diego appears in court

Posted at 1:38 PM, Jun 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-06 21:14:12-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- The woman who set off an active shooter scare, causing an emergency break in the Rock 'n Roll Marathon Sunday, could spend the rest her life in prison.

58-year old Mona Williams was arraigned at the Downtown Courthouse on three charges: two felony counts of resisting arrest by threat of violence and one count of misdemeanor hit and run. More charges may be forthcoming.

Deputy District Attorney Michael Runyon says she may still be found culpable for the injury suffered by an officer who accidently shot himself in the leg during the high stress incident.

Runyan described Sunday's events in court as Mona Williams stood in a prisoner chamber just feet away. She was in view of the judge but managed to tuck herself out of sight from the media.

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Runyan says the first contact with Williams by a police officer Sunday, took place after the officer was alerted by a woman she had just been involved in a collision with a car that was entering the Civic Center Parkade. 

Runyan said as the officer approached Mona Williams in her car, "He saw what appeared to be a gun across her chest, pointed at the officer."

Runyan says the officer then yelled, "gun," several times and yelled for the parking attendant and people in a car ahead of Williams to get down.

Runyon says Williams then drove to the top of the parkade where she pointed a gun at another officer who was on the ground and armed with an M-16.

Believing his life was in danger, the officer fired two shots at her that missed. Those two encounters, now the basis for two felony counts being faced by Williams of resisting a police officer using threat of violence.

While her weapon turned out to be an airsoft gun, Runyon says it's still considered a dangerous weapon; making both charges "strike" offenses.

Along with the misdemeanor count of hit and run, Williams could be facing more than 65 years behind bars.

The Deputy DA also pointing out Mona Williams has an extensive criminal record, dating back to 1979, including an attempted murder charge and several other felonies.

She's being held on $100-thousand dollar bail and is due back in court in two weeks.