Woman tricks thief, gets neighbor's hubcaps back in University City

Posted at 5:28 AM, Dec 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-29 08:57:10-05
SAN DIEGO -- “I was laughing - I really was,” said Tina Frazer of University City, still chuckling over what she did to a guy trying to steal hubcaps off her disabled neighbor’s Volkswagen.
“I came out to my car and heading on back into work and noticed a gentleman holding a bunch of hubcaps,” Frazer said.
Frazer said she watched the thief stash four hubcaps in the neighborhood near Regents Road and Governor Drive.
“Right in this little bushes. At first I thought he was stashing them because he saw me. Then I feel he was stashing them, he didn’t see me, stashing them so he could come by and pick them up later,” Frazer said.
He walked down the street, Frazer said.
“I snuck over, I grabbed the hubcaps, because he walked down the hill around the corner so he couldn’t see me,” Frazer said.
“So I hid them and kind of ran across the street, went back in the house,” Frazer said.
Frazer said she watched a man in a blue Volkswagen bug drive slowly down the street.
“It was definitely him and he drove by and he was looking for the hubcaps. He drove up and down a couple of times? And that’s when I though, ok I’m going to call the police,” Frazer said.
The hubcap thief drove off before police arrived, empty handed, likely confused.
“I didn’t feel terribly unsafe or anything, I thought it was more humorous than anything,” Frazer said, “But if we can kind of put the spotlight on this type of thing and keep this neighborhood a little more protected then maybe I did some good.”