Woman sues over doggie boot camp death

Posted at 8:01 AM, Oct 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-21 11:21:57-04

CHULA VISTA, Calif. -- A San Diego woman is suing a local doggie boot camp trainer, alleging the trainer took the dog to a shelter, had it euthanized, and then pretended the dog was still alive when the woman called to check on the pup.

“It’s just a complete waste, that dog didn’t need to die or be killed,” Christine Haslet, who runs lucky pups dog rescue, told 10news.

Haslet said she saved Sandy, a 20-pound white terrier, from being euthanized at the San Bernardino County Animal shelter. Sandy had bitten a groomer.

“He was a dog in need, and our rescue is known for not picking the fluffy cute ones that can get adopted," Haslet said. "We take dogs that really need the extra help, the extra time. He was very timid and very afraid."

Haslet said she hired El Cajon dog trainer Cate Sacks and enrolled Sandy in doggie boot camp. Sandy went to live with Sacks for round-the-clock training.

“Right away, we started getting posts on Facebook, and updates that he was doing pretty well. We had photos of her working with him getting in and out of the crate."

In exchange for the training, Haslet said she and a donor gave Sacks nearly $5,000.

“After two weeks she suggested we relinquish him to her and she would continue to work with him. She told us she gives that opportunity to everyone that enrolls in the boot camp." Haslet said. "At the time I thought oh she’s going to do what I would do, keep the dog indefinitely and work with him, and find him a home."

Haslet said it was about that same time Sacks took Sandy to the Chula Vista Animal Shelter and had the dog euthanized, but pretended Sandy was still alive when Haslet asked about the little dog.

“In that two-week period, there were two updates that said he was doing fine,” Haslet said.

Haslet told 10News she found out Sandy was dead through a donor.

“I got this text and I was absolutely shocked, there aren’t words to describe it, there are no words to describe it,” she said. 

Now, Haslet is suing Sacks.

“I would like to see this does not happen to anyone else. This has never been about the money. This has been about holding someone accountable."

10News reached out to Sacks and her attorney for a response but never hear back.