Woman says when it rains her apartment floods, claims management not helpful

Gets results after calling 10News
Posted at 9:52 PM, Dec 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-31 00:55:02-05

Erika Yugay hates when it rains.  That's because rain outside always means a flood inside her Cortez Hill apartment.

She showed 10News how water streams in through the can lights above her kitchen, spilling onto the floor and into her cabinets which smell like mold. 

Yugay said she's lived in the Cedar Gateway Apartments since the complex opened in 2012. Since then, not a rainy day has gone by without a flood.

She complains to management every time it happens, but says very little gets done. When she called the office to complain about Friday morning's, rain she was told the maintenance man would come see her. By 4 p.m. - that still hadn't happened. 

There was no answer when 10News called the office, but we were able to reach the on-call emergency number. The man who answered didn't dispute Yugay's problem. He said the building was never waterproofed properly and that management was working with the vendor to make repairs. 

He said work was scheduled to begin Tuesday, after the rainy New Year's weekend.

After that call, things began happening. Yugay said the manager of the complex showed up, and workers started sopping up the mess.

A representative of FPI Management, which handles the property, contacted 10News to say "We are working with the resident to resolve the issue."