Woman finds stranger sleeping on her porch

Little Italy
Posted at 11:18 PM, Jan 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-24 02:18:36-05

A San Diego woman is shocked that someone turned her front porch into their bedroom, leaving trash, clothes, and drugs behind.

"I kind of went into like maybe a little shock actually," Katie said. She asked 10News to keep her last name private. 

Katie snapped a picture of trash, deodorant, dirty socks and boots left on her porch. She believes when a homeless person couldn't get in, he slept outside.

"He pulled this [table] away to stand under the window, trying to get in the window obviously but, you know, he really couldn't do it," Katie said.

Her fear got worse when she found what she believes is drugs.

"To think that I was one door away from a person who was doing drugs since I found foil with something that had crystals in it so it was either meth or crack," Katie said. "And since he took his boots off and his socks off, I'm assuming he was doing drugs, running around crazy."

Her neighbor, Erica Perez, also thinks the same man tried to case her home too.

"Down in my patio, you're invading my privacy," Perez said. "There was a man standing there, like either I couldn't tell if he was like pushing my gate. Now that I have found out that someone slept here I think that he was on our patio."

The two neighbors say the homeless problem is pushing into Little Italy, growing worse every second.

"It's like Night of the Living Dead walking around here," Katie said.

"There are triple, quadruple, maybe even more homeless people than I've ever seen in this area before," Perez said.

They don't know what the answer is, but say something needs to be done so they can take back their homes.

"This issue is at a tipping point right now I think and you know the residents that live down here are going to be having pitch forks and torches soon because we're scared," Katie said.

Katie cleaned up her porch with the help from her apartment security guard. Police say whoever was sleeping there was trespassing.