Woman claiming Kaiser doctor sexually assaulted her speaks out

Posted at 6:20 PM, Jun 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-06 21:38:05-04

A North County woman who claimed her dermatologist sexually assaulted her is speaking out.

It's a painful set of memories Jannette Doe said she has to relive.

"He played with my body, He touched my body," Doe said.

She asked us to conceal her identity and her name for her protection. Doe filed a civil lawsuitthat accuses her dermatologist at Kaiser Permanente in San Marcos, Dr. Stephan Kempiak, of sexually assaulting her.

"In the beginning he seemed very nice, he was professional, " she said.

Doe said she first went into his San Marcos office in June of 2015 for a problem with ingrown hair in her private area.

During her second appointment, she said things became uncomfortable.

 "He was rubbing me, groping me," she said.

She said she continued seeing Dr. Kempiak for four more visits despite the behavior.

"He's a doctor. That's what your doctor is telling you, that you need and it kind of made sense," said Doe.

Doe claims she tried to switch doctors, but a scheduler told her no other doctors were available.

She said she drew the line after her last appointment in July 2016.

"Up until, like, when he finally hurt me," she said," I couldn't do it anymore."

Kaiser Permanente sent 10News this statement:

Our highest priority is providing safe, quality care to our members. We take any accusation of a deviation from this standard extremely seriously. We cannot discuss the details of this matter due to privacy laws. However, regarding this civil lawsuit, the physician vehemently denies the allegations. We have completed an extensive internal investigation, and were unable to substantiate these allegations. The physician fully cooperated with the investigation.

 "Very angry inside. Sad," said Doe, "I know that I'm not lying and I know that I need to keep the faith and it's going to be okay."

Doe said she is speaking out so others can come forward. She said she has a message for the doctor she said she trusted.

"You know what you did, and you hurt me and the truth is going to come out."

Kaiser said Dr. Stephan Kempiak is still employed with them.

Doe and her lawyer said they plan to follow up with the San Diego Sheriff's Department to see where they are in their investigation of the claims.