Woman attacked outside Nordstrom suing

Posted at 10:55 PM, May 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-17 02:34:05-04

A former Nordstrom employee is suing the chain and the Westfield UTC mall after she was attacked by a strange woman in a wig with a weapon, possibly an icepick.

The woman did not want to be identified. Her attacker was never caught.

“It was my closing shift at Nordstrom,” she said in an exclusive interview with 10News. “I had called security to escort me to my car. Nobody answered.”

She walked alone to the outskirts of the mall parking lot by Crate and Barrel, where Nordstrom employees were required to park, she said.

If they parked closer they were fined $30, she said.

“There were no lights or anything,” she said of that Dec. 4, 2014 night.

“I opened my car door and as I opened my car door there was a hatchback car driving really, really fast down the lane and it ended up turning, where I parked, that lane,” she said.

It stopped behind her car blocking her in, she said.

“A woman ended up getting out of the car, dressed in all black, black gloves and that’s when I realized this isn’t good and I started screaming no,” she said.

The woman was in her late 30s or early 40s and was wearing a black frizzy bob wig, black cargo pants and a military-style cap, she said.

“She ended up pushing me over the planter, started to beat me up profusely,” she said.

The woman pulled out an icepick or a screwdriver and stabbed her in the leg.

“I was just screaming and a guy from cosmetics ended up hearing me screaming. He ran across the parking lot and pushed her off of me,” she said.

She is suing Westfield and Nordstrom for more than $25,000 and safer parking conditions for mall employees. “Whether it be lights or cameras,” she said.

“It’s not right that nothing has been done for the safety of the employees, “she said.

10News reached out to Westfield UTC and Nordstrom for their response but we did not hear back from them Monday night.