Crowd watches stolen car initiate head-on crash in Hillcrest

Posted at 5:53 AM, Sep 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-08 11:26:05-04
SAN DIEGO – A stunned crowd watched as a man slammed a Honda Civic that had been reported stolen head-on into another car early Thursday morning and then ran from the scene. 
At around 2 a.m., a Civic crashed into a Mercedes carrying five people at the intersection of Vermont Street and University Avenue. 
According to San Diego police at the scene, the driver and sole occupant of the Civic then threw the car into reverse and backed into a parked Jeep. At that point, he got out and ran. 
Several witnesses and a security guard gave chase to the man, but he escaped. A man was later detained a few blocks away. However, police did not disclose if he was linked to the crash. 
Police did not confirm how and when the Civic was stolen. 
The five men in the Mercedes had minor injuries. They were treated at the scene and did not require transport to the hospital.