Window smashed while family visits pumpkin patch

Posted at 7:07 PM, Oct 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-16 22:07:46-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- A family’s trip to the pumpkin patch goes sour when thieves went picking through their car while they were picking out their pumpkins.

Fay Feltman, her daughter, her granddaughter and great grandson went to the pumpkin patch located off Mission Gorge in Grantville.

Because of how busy the lot was, they struggled to find an open space. Once inside, the granddaughter got a call from her dad asking about a recent Walmart charge of $1600.

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Feltman still frustrated Tuesday, “Who would think this would happen at a pumpkin patch”. She tells 10 News her daughter ran to the car to find the window smashed and the purse stolen right from the trunk of the car.

Feltman says her and her family were only in the patch for about 30 minutes. In that amount of time the thieves broke in, stole the purse and made it to Walmart off Murphy Canyon Road to make the purchase.

Before heading into the pumpkin patch, Feltman says they took an extra step to put their purses in the trunk, making sure to not leave them in the back seat and visible.

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Unfortunately the thieves still smashed the driver’s window to access the trunk latch but only grabbed her daughter’s purse and leaving Feltman’s.

Feltman’s daughter has spent the past few days on the phone with the bank trying to cancel cards and reorder new ones.

She also was at the DMV all day Monday and purchasing a new phone Tuesday. “Who would dream of people who are so evil and so cruel and so black hearted to do something like this I’m just in shock”.

Now, the family left dealing with a complete invasion of privacy and sense of security, ”It’s like you’re violated even though they didn’t take any thing of mine personally they were in my car, reaching into my car just that alone makes you feel dirty, its just an icky feeling” Feltman tells us.