Walkable, affordable neighborhoods in San Diego?

Posted at 5:42 PM, Jun 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-06 20:42:53-04

Staying healthy can come down to simply living in a walkable neighborhood, but thousands of San Diegans are priced out of areas where everything is within walking distance.

Tamara Fanning lives in one of them - Normal Heights. She also owns a gym on its main street, Adams Avenue, called Get Fit on Adams.

"There's less time spent commuting, more time spent walking, and you're just going to do more exercise without planning it," she said.

A new study out of Canada says people who live in walkable neighborhoods are less likely to be obese or develop diabetes. But the neighborhoods also cost more. Zillow says people who own property in walkable neighborhoods charge at least a 10 percent premium. 

"People pay a significant premium to live in a neighborhood where they can walk to entertainment, walk to public transportation to get to work, walk to dining venues," said Mark Goldman, a real estate lecturer at San Diego State University.

While the areas are more expensive, Redfin says San Diego has some walkable areas that are more affordable - Normal Heights, Rolando, Grant Hill, and Logan Heights. 

"You can definitely find a neighborhood that's going to be walkable, you'll get all the things you need nearby in order to be healthy," said Jeffrey Lambkin, who lives in Kensington but walked with his daughter to a park in Normal Heights.

Goldman said he sees more areas becoming walkable - and in what could be the next - he's noted more new businesses moving into the stretch of El Cajon Boulevard in the College area.