Victim and police officer catch bike thief together

The thief is accused of stealing a pricey bike
Posted at 11:23 PM, Aug 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-11 02:29:20-04

A criminal  got caught by not only cops today, but also by his victim.

Bryan Cajamarca told 10News he was in the Macy's at Westfield Mission Valley for about 10 minutes and his bike got stolen from the rack.

He met a brother and sister shopping who saw a man run away with stolen clothes and they snapped a picture of the truck he got into.

"(It) clicked right away he must be the same person that took my bike," Cajamaca said.

Wanting to keep his $900 bike, Bryan went running.

"I chased the man to that red truck and he sped off but I did see my bike in the back," Cajamarca said.

With no way to get home, Bryan asked an officer at the scene for a ride. Just as they were about to turn onto his street in Hotel Circle, they spotted the truck with the same license plate from the picture.

The officer called for backup and police honed in on the man at Washington and Cleveland in Hillcrest.

They got him in custody and looked at the content in the truck, which was also stolen.

Officers found two bikes, but neither were Cajamarca's. At some point in the hour from when he took the bike and when he got caught, he ditched it.

They also found documents.

"Not having that really hurts me," he said "I have two jobs. Now I'm just planning ahead on how I'm going to get around."

Cajamarca feels helpless but hopeful. If you know where his bike might be, please call police.