Vets: Red tuna crabs pose threat to dogs

Posted at 9:30 AM, Jun 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-11 12:30:27-04

Thousands of red tuna crabs are covering beaches across San Diego and local veterinarians warn they could be a threat to your pet. 

Jayna Holtz takes her dog Cyrus to the beach all the time. She says he's eaten dozens of the red tuna crabs that have washed ashore. 

"He throws himself in there because, you know, if you're going to do it, don't do it halfway," she joked.  "He'd roll in them and sample them and he was pink. It looked like those Indian festivals where they throw powdered dye at each other." 

Local veterinarians say if dogs eat the tuna crabs, it can make them throw up, cause diarrhea, and even give them diseases. 

"[Cyrus is] Not very discerning about what he consumes sometimes," Holtz said. "He's generally good but I can't catch him every time."

Veterinarians say if your dog does eat the crabs, keep a close watch on your pet and take them to the vet immediately if they start acting sluggish.