UPDATE: CVS offering refunds for bags

Cites store error for charging 10 cents
Posted at 11:19 PM, Oct 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-29 02:19:31-04

A San Diego woman turned to 10News this week, when she was charged for bags at a San Diego CVS. 

In August the city of San Diego passed an ordinance on charging for plastic bags.  That ordinance goes into effect in April. Once in effect, customers will have to either bring their own bags or pay 10 cents for a recycled brown bag.

Nancy Rubinstein told 10News she understands the ordinance will eventually go into effect. But she was upset that store employees provided confusing answers when asked why they were already charging for bags. 

"And the first time I asked what law and they said, 'oh corporate came up with this policy,'" Rubinstein said. "So when I came back I said you're sign is wrong, it's not required now, but in six to twelve months! They said no, it's required now."

10News contacted city officials, who reached out to CVS to notify corporate of the local issue. We received the following statement from CVS Manager of Public Relations Stephanie Cunha: 

"Some of our area stores made an error relating to the effective date of the city ordinance. CVS Pharmacy stores have stopped charging the 10 cent bag fee, and we apologize to customers for this error. Customers that were charged a bag fee can bring their paper or digital receipts back to their nearest store to receive a refund for any bag fee charges."

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