UPDATE: Boy hurt in crash finally able to open his eyes

Posted at 10:06 PM, May 11, 2017

There is encouraging news about a young boy injured in a hit-and-run car accident in San Ysidro - he's opened his eyes.

Lennox Lake and his parents were on their way home from a day at Disneyland last Saturday, when they were hit by a truck after it rolled through a stop sign. The truck slammed into the left passenger door - where Lennox sat in his booster seat.

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10News was first to report on Lennox's injuries and his recovery at Rady Children's Hospital. Swelling from head injuries prevented the 6-year-old from opening his eyes, until now. His dad told 10News that not being able to see was one of the hardest parts for his son after the accident.

Meanwhile, the suspected driver - Constantino Banda - pleaded not guilty in court Wednesday. Banda is charged with DUI, hit-and-run, and driving without a license. 10News found out that he's been deported at least 15 times, according to federal authorities.

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Witnesses at a restaurant where Banda and a friend were seen before the crash say that Banda may have not been behind the wheel. He and a friend were both in the car when police arrested. It is still not clear who was driving.

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Since 10News broke the story, the Lake family had made national news. People from across the country continue to donate to this little boy's recovery. In just four days, his GoFundMe has reached nearly $75,000. His family is thanking the community for their thoughts and prayers. Stay with 10News for the latest on his recovery.