Undocumented immigrant detained by bondsmen on livestream​​​​​​​

Posted at 11:38 PM, Mar 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-20 18:22:51-04

KGTV - A video appearing to show the arrest of an undocumented immigrant is making rounds on the internet.

The incident was livestreamed on Facebook by Ryan McAdams, who says he was out with Watkins Bail Bonds on Sunday when they were called to collect a client they had bonded out for a crime.

“A relative of the individual in the video called the bond office that the individual didn’t have his papers in order and he was looking to abscond,” said McAdams “and go back south over the border.”

McAdams adds that what he recorded and posted to Facebook is a legit operation.

However, some like Chicano activist Alexis Del Castillo says the video is tasteless and shows the exploitation of an immigrant.

“He didn’t just bully him he like tormented him in front of everyone,” said Del Castillo, “I think it takes someone really despicable to do that sort of thing.”

McAdams says he knows some people see it a certain way, but he just wants people to understand the reality others have to deal with.

“He was in there for a DUI arrest and he was going to flee on that leaving a company $5,000 dollars behind,” said McAdams, “Everyone is held up to the same laws.”