Women could soon be allowed to join Navy SEALs

Posted at 6:40 PM, Mar 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-14 21:48:59-04

Women are now closer than ever to being allowed to join the elite Navy SEALs.

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter approved the final plans, and he said, "When I announced my decision back in December to open all career fields to qualified women, I emphasized that the implementation of this change must be handled the right way, because the combat effectiveness of the world's finest fighting force is paramount. Having reviewed their exceptionally thorough work, I am pleased all of the services developed plans that will effectively carry out this change and make us even better in the future."

This issue has had many people divided, but now all military service branches have an action plan for the full integration of women.

In a 41-page report, Naval Special Warfare officials do not seem to think many will want to join or be able to make the cut to fight alongside some of America's bravest.

The report notes that in similar units already open to women, like Navy divers and enlisted EOD, women account for fewer than 1 percent.

The report goes on to say the biggest concern is combat readiness and effectiveness.

Their detailed plan should help make the transition smoother.

Women could start training at the rigorous BUD/S program in Coronado this summer.