Riverside mom accused of abandoning child at grocery store arrested

Posted at 5:53 AM, Mar 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-15 08:53:00-04

A woman accused of abandoning her 2-year-old daughter at a Riverside grocery store over the weekend was arrested, police announced.

Riverside police said 31-year-old Riverside resident Chiengkham Vilaysane was at a bank Tuesday afternoon when an employee recognized her from media reports regarding the abandoned child and contacted police.

Officers arrived and questioned Vilaysane, and she was later booked into jail on suspicion of child abandonment and endangerment.

Police said they believe Vilaysane intentionally left her child at a Food 4 Less store on March 12.

According to police, the child's mother "never sought out the child's whereabouts and continued shopping" after the little girl wandered away while in the store.

When a customer saw the child and took her to her mother, Vilaysane allegedly told the customer: "Oh just leave her."

Police said Vilaysane then left the young girl behind after she paid for groceries.

When shown a picture from surveillance footage, the little girl identified the woman as her "mommy."

Police said the child was not reported missing. She was taken to family members.

Investigators said Vilaysane has another child that is safe and with family.