Blizzard buffets East Coast with deep snow, winds, flooding

Winter Weather Massachusetts
Posted at 7:56 PM, Jan 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-29 22:56:11-05

BOSTON (AP) — More than 2 feet of snow has fallen in some areas of the northeastern U.S. amid a fierce winter storm.

Wind gusts in Saturday's nor'easter surpassed 70 mph in a few spots in Massachusetts.

The wind scoured the ground bare in some places and piled the snow into huge drifts in others.

Many flights into and out of the airports serving New York, Boston, and Philadelphia were canceled.

Boston could get set a record for snowfall.

The storm is also causing coastal flooding and has cut power to over 120,000 homes and businesses in Massachusetts. Bitter cold is expected to follow the storm.