Trivia game awards cash to help pay down debt

Posted at 4:41 AM, Nov 17, 2017

Relief for San Diegans struggling with student loan debt or mortgages could be just a download away.

It would come in the form of an app called Givling, an iPhone or Android-based trivia game that lets users compete daily for small cash amounts to use to pay down a student loan or mortgage. Plus, once or twice a month, there's a grand prize drawing for up to $50,000 toward a student loan, or $25,000 for a mortgage.

"Our vision is to do it daily and multiple times per day," said Seth Beard, the app's marketing director. "As more people play, the more loans we can pay off."

Del Mar Chiropractor Fatimah Esfahanizadeh, 31, says she's paying $1,500 a month on her graduate school debt, which she won't pay off until she's 48. She says it's kept her from doing things she wants - like owning a home.

"It's kind of my pipe dream, but I don't really see it as realistic in San Diego with the amount I pay already," she said. 

So where does Givling's money come from? There aren't any strings attached to compete for the small daily prize, but the app does ask users to watch an ad, and perhaps take a survey or accept an offer, for the most entries for the grand prize.

Users can also buy extra entries for 50 cents each. 

The app is free to download, but you need an invite code to use it. Here's one to use: SB163487