Look out above! Rainy San Diego weather increases danger of falling trees

Posted at 5:17 PM, Dec 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-22 20:36:04-05

SCRIPPS RANCH, Calif. — The string of storms is escalating a dangerous situation for San Diegans - falling trees.

Now, arborists are issuing a warning about the trees lining our streets.

Many of them are in Scripps Ranch, where Jay Finger has lived for decades. A leaning pine tree is feet from his doorstep.

"Every year it seems to lean a little bit more," Finger said. "Every year we wonder if this is going to be the year."

...the year it topples over.

So when he and his grandson Max took their Bijon Frise named Jackson for a walk during a break in the rain Thursday, they didn't just focus on what's in front of them, but also what's above. 

"During the rainy season, one or two of these big eucalyptus trees will go down, so we're always wondering where the next one is going to be," Finger said.

It's a risk facing all San Diegans, especially when it's raining and windy. And now, arborists are warning San Diegans to watch out as a second storm roles through the county, especially eucalyptus trees, with their shallow roots.   

"The drought has weakened the trees and the root systems, and when you get really wet soil and wind, the roots can't hold onto the soil as well," said arborist Bradley Brown.

Brown said pruning a tree properly is one of the best ways to prevent it from falling. It's something Finger can't do to the pine because it's not on his property. So he keeps watching, and waiting.