Travel to LA in a Tesla for less than the train

Posted at 7:27 PM, May 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-19 13:56:03-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - What if you could ride in a Tesla from San Diego to Los Angeles for the less than the cost of a train ticket?

A new ride share service just launched in San Diego called Tesloop. It offers rides between San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles.

For most riders, it's their first time in a Tesla. These sleek, high-tech electric cars have certainly made a name for themselves and now, one high school teen is too. 

“I'm a senior this year,” said Founder Haydn Sonnad.

He founded Tesloop two years ago at 16 shortly after he got his driver’s license.

“I've always been very passionate about vehicles and electric cars,” Sonnad said.

He just expanded his fleet of Tesla's to San Diego.

“You can get in the car, you can work the whole way through, you can sleep, you can take care of emails.”

Co-founder --Brian Skipworth—took 10News along for a test drive. 

He says while Uber and Lyft target in-city travel, Tesloop is regional.

“You can see all of the available times when vehicles are departing between the cities that you need to travel between and you can book any number of seats within the vehicles. You even get to choose your seats,” Skipworth explained.

The cars also come with free Wifi, a selection of drinks and snacks, travel pillows, and even noise canceling headphones.

“This is a much more pleasant and productive way to travel between cities,” Skipworth said.

With rides starting at $29, the company says it’s  chance to travel in style for less.

“You're just chatting with passengers and having a pleasant drive and you get people staring and you're like, ‘What are they looking [at]? Oh, right.’"

Drivers pick up and drop off riders at a number of designated locations.

“ [A] sustainable method of transportation that's never been possible before,” Sonnad said.

A company on the road to revolutionizing mass transit and a young man with the drive to succeed.

"It feels amazing."

For more information on Tesloop or to try it for yourself, click here.