Thieves try to break into Point Loma home using garage door opener

Posted at 6:42 AM, Mar 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-30 10:32:32-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - Some Point Loma residents are warning others about thieves breaking into their cars in search of one specific thing.

At least five families woke up Wednesday morning to find someone had broken into and raided their cars.

Jen told 10News, "They broke into the back and it's locked now; I wish it would have been locked last night."

Jen said having thieves rifle through her husband's car is bad enough, but it's what the thieves did next that scared her.

"They took his garage door opener and opened our garage," according to Jen.

Jen said the thieves stole thousands of dollars' worth of items such as bikes and tools, but what concerned her most is how the thieves tried to get into their house.

"I called the police to have them come out, and they asked us if somebody's still in your home and then that feeling of 'well, I didn't check in that room or around the back,' so, you know, just a really awful feeling," Jen said.

It was an awful feeling made even worse when other neighbors said their cars were also broken into. At least four cars on Piedmont Drive and three others a few blocks away were hit.

However, the only case with a garage door opener still missing is Jen's.

"I wonder if they're going to come back," she said. "They stole bikes and tools and thousands of dollars' worth of gear, but that's nothing compared to what it could have been. And then the way bigger value item is just that peace of mind, and that's the thing that, unfortunately, [there] is just no price on that. Definitely no insurance claim to make that better either."

Some residents are still going through security footage in hopes they can spot the thieves.

Jen said she hopes the car break-ins show everyone that they need to take everything of value into their homes at the end of the night.