Thieves target Carlsbad home being remodeled

Posted at 6:46 PM, Jan 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-25 21:46:03-05

A Carlsbad family hopes their security cameras help them track down thieves who broke into their home over the weekend. 

The family shared their surveillance footage with 10News, hoping someone recognizes them and calls police.

The Burns family has put a lot of time and money into building their dream home in Carlsbad. It's in a nice neighborhood, generally safe and free of crime, until this past Sunday. 

Thieves broke into their home just days before they were to move in.

"I'm thinking I'm completely violated,” said owner Victor Burns.

Based on what their security cameras captured, the Burns say the thieves focused on the garage and all that was inside. And they took their time - almost 30 minutes - as if they knew the family wasn't home when they broke in shortly after 6 Sunday morning.

"I came to the box and there was virtually nothing in here. Just a couple of small hand tools that had been left over,” said Burns.

Among the things they stole - many brand new tools, still packaged, spools of electrical wires and more than two dozen expensive LED lights.

"Something they can resell very easily or take back to a store and return at retail value,” said Burns.

The thieves didn't take the easy way in by going through the neighbor's yard and hopping over a retaining wall. Instead, they got through on the other side of the home, having to climb up a muddy slope and then breaking into a security fence before eventually getting through a bedroom window.

"There was a big track of mud here. Nothing upstairs. Security cameras weren't triggered,” said Burns.

Police found the thieves also left behind fingerprints which they will crosscheck with the fingerprints of criminals.

The Burns family says they lost several thousands of dollars. They are glad thieves left behind other things of value.

"I hope having security cameras gives police a little more to go on,” added Burns.

The family also posted surveillance photos on social media to alert their neighbors.

They’re hoping one of their neighbors has surveillance video of their street that might show the suspects loading up their getaway car.