Thieves steal thousands from La Mesa mother-to-be

Posted at 10:44 PM, Jul 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-28 02:28:55-04

A La Mesa woman expecting her first child is scrambling to get ready after thieves stole all of the money she set aside for her baby.

Tanya Clark says thieves smashed through their bedroom window and stole jewelry, weapons and cash.

"It was just pretty scary," Clark said. "I didn't know what I was walking into when I got home."

She says the thieves took thousands of dollars she kept in a box for her unborn daughter, Rylen.

"Little ultrasounds, and then her first onesie that we have, Batman. And then all the money was sitting at the bottom of it," Clark said.

Her best friend's started a GoFundMe to help recover some of the money before the baby arrives in November.

"I love those girls for doing it so I'm really glad I have them," Clark said.

She's convinced that no matter what happens, her daughter will be loved.

"That's really awesome," she said. "It's a great thing to have that happen after, you know, something so terrible and violating happens."