Thieves steal arsenal of weapons, ammo

Posted at 11:19 PM, Nov 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-02 22:23:03-04

Two expensive and dangerous handguns could be in the hands of a criminal, after a Pacific Beach father says they were stolen out of his vehicle.

Anthony Smith lives near Ingraham and Diamond streets, and says he first noticed that a thief had ransacked the inside of his Jeep.

“The sickness I got in my chest, the overwhelming disgust and horror I got when I realized my hand gun bag was stolen, it was just unimaginable,” Smith said. “There’s a crack head out there with these handguns, two fully built Glocks, running around PB.”

Smith said he uses the guns for speed shooting, and had them fully built, with red dot sights, hairpin triggers and custom barrels.

“They stole my wallet so basically they took my whole life, they took my identity, they know where I live, they had my credit cards, they had my guns, they had my gun license, they had every piece of the puzzle to go out there and kill someone as Anthony Smith,” he said.

Smith said in the heist, which happened two months ago, the burglars also stole magazines passed down from his grandfather, a former New York City detective.

“When my grandfather passed away, he didn’t have a lot of money, he didn’t have a lot of things to leave,” Smith said. “To have those taken from me, it was heartbreaking, I can’t get those back, I can’t get those memories back.”

Smith said he doesn't usually leave the gun bag in his car after he goes shooting. But the day the guns were stolen, he had his one-year-old son with him and he forgot the gun bag in the car when they got home. 

Since the theft, Smith has installed surveillance cameras at his apartment. He's asking anyone with information about the guns to contact him immediately.