Thieves burglarize local LA Fitnesss locker room

Posted at 11:29 PM, Jan 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-27 02:29:48-05

Thieves are targeting people who are working out and keeping keys or other valuables in a locker, police confirmed.

“No one is stopping them right now so I just feel like maybe we get the word out,” Cindy Lewis, one of the victims, said.

Lewis was hit January 11 during her evening work out at the LA Fitness on Navajo road in San Carlos. 

“There were six other people who got robbed that evening also,” Lewis said.

Lewis said she locked her car keys and clothes in a gym locker. As she burned off some calories a thief burned though the ladies’ locker room.

“I did notice a person that was frantically looking through the lockers, opening all the doors, frantically and when I went to look my stuff was gone," Lewis said. "She said her stuff was missing also."

Lewis ran to her car to see if it was still in the parking lot. 

“I had my purse hidden under a blanket and it was gone,” Lewis said. “When they took my purse they also took my credit cards and went to target and within an hour stole $3,000 worth of merchandise."

Police said they took five police reports and said that all the lockers were left unlocked.

But Lewis is adamant - hers was most definitely locked.

“It’s like an old-school combination type-lock,” Lewis said.

Police said a few days later it happened again.

“The following Monday someone broke into another person’s locker and took their keys and took their Lexus, their car,” Lewis said.

La Mesa police later found the stolen Lexus, according to the San Diego Police Department. 

“The manager said they are bringing in little bolt cutters that can cut these that aren’t so large people would notice you are bringing them in. They could fit inside of a gym bag," Lewis said. “They don’t have any cameras at this gym. I’ve spoken to corporate at least four times now to see if they can put ones in the front and towards the dressing room, walking in."

10News reached out to LA Fitness several times over several days, but we did not hear back as of Thursday night.