Thief steals ashes of beloved therapy dog

Posted at 8:17 AM, Dec 09, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-09 11:17:06-05
SAN DIEGO -- Looking around Dyan Diamond’s College Area home you can tell she is a dog lover.
“She was my best friend,” Diamond said.
Torrey was the dog of her life.
“Torrey was everything to me…We spent every moment together. We worked together.”
Dyan got Torrey certified as a therapy dog to help others.
“We went to nursing homes and children’s hospitals,” Diamond said.
Torrey was literally a poster dog for shelter adoption.
“We also had like t shirts made and posters and all kinds of things,” Diamond said.
Torrey died a few months ago.
“It devastated me,” Diamond said.
Dyan had her cremated.
“She was all I had,” Diamond said.
On Monday, while Dyan was at work, someone broke in the house and stole some wine, money and a wooden box containing Torrey’s ashes.
“It could have been that they thought it was filled with jewelry,” Diamond said.
Dyan said the thief came in through a dog door and made it past her three other dogs.
“It’s like losing her twice.”
She just wants Torrey’s ashes back.
“I would give anything to have her back,” Diamond said.
The wooden box has a small lock and a heart-shaped tag with Torrey’s name on it.
Dyan wants anyone who finds the box to leave it on her doorstep, no questions asked, or email