The top 10 local news stories of 2016

Posted at 3:11 PM, Dec 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-30 15:37:37-05

SAN DIEGO -- As we round out 2016, we're taking a look back at the biggest local news stories of the year.

We used our own web tracking numbers to find out which stories rose to the top and generated the most traffic to in 2016. 

Here's a look at the list:

#1 - Viral Clip Shows Chargers Security Guard Masturbating

In December, 2016, a video clip showing a young security guard with his hand in his pants at a Chargers game went viral after a woman in the stands posted it on social media. 
"Guard was openly masturbating RIGHT IN FRONT of us during the game, while watching the cheerleaders jump up and down!!! I can't believe this was allowed. Such a complete disregard for women's rights and public decency! I am truly horrified at this guard lack of respect for women's rights," she wrote.

#2 - Craiglist Threat

In June, 2016, a Craigslist post threatening violence to San Diego's LGBT community stirred a lot of emotions.

The post was titled "We need more Orlando's (sic)," and was accompanied by a photo of a hand firing a revolver with a bullet coming out of the barrel.

The text read: "Orlando was long overdue. Cleanse your community of the filth that gives decent gay men and women a bad name. Those people were walking diseases, bug chasers, and thank god for AIDS and 9-11 and now Orlando. San Diego you are next..."

#3 - Tragedy at Chicano Park

In October 2016, the driver of a pickup truck lost control on the Coronado Bridge, went flying over the edge and fell onto a group of people attending an event at Chicano Park, located underneath the bridge.

Four people were killed and the truck's driver was seriously injured. This Facebook Live video showing the moments immediately after the crash emerged as the story developed. 

#4 - Mysterious Light in the Sky

In August 2016, a bright flash lit up parts of the San Diego sky. The streak of light lasted for just a few seconds before it disappeared, but was captured on this dashcam video:

#5 - Hometown Buffet Shutters Unexpectedly

In February 2016, six Hometown Buffet restaurants abruptly closed. It was a complete surprise for not only patrons, but the employees who worked there.

#6 - Creepy Clowns

In October 2016, the nationwide hysteria over creepy clowns made its way to San Diego

#7 - Hair Salon Attack

In July 2016, a bad haircut turned into a verbal and physical altercation at a hair salon. And it was all caught on video.

#8 - El Cajon Police Shooting

In September, video of a police shooting in El Cajon that left an unarmed black man, Alfred Alango, dead was released after days of protests. Two video clips - one recorded by a witness using a cell phone and the other from surveillance cameras, were shown during a news conference at police headquarters.

#9 - Officers Down

In July 2016, a San Diego police gang unit officer was killed and another officer was hospitalized following a traffic stop in the Southcrest neighborhood.

#10 - Young Hero Killed In Act of Bravery

In February 2016, a 10-year-old girl died while pushing two children out of an SUV's path in Lakeside. The children had been playing in a yard when the SUV  came rolling in their direction.