The #HaveYouSeenEd search continues in San Diego, nearly two years after he left Washington D.C.

Friends will be searching until Oct. 15th
Posted at 9:17 AM, Oct 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-12 14:26:43-04

SAN DIEGO -- For the fifth time in nearly two years, Will Cravens is in San Diego to search for his friend Ed Pelzner.


Cravens said Pelzner was a successful businessman in Washington, D.C, before his life went downhill.


After his business went bankrupt and his relationship with his girlfriend collapsed, Pelzner turned his back on his life. He left all of his belongings behind and headed for the streets of San Diego.


Last September, Cravens and three other friends of Pelzner's traveled across the country to find him, walking the streets and asking, "Have you seen Ed?"


But they weren't successful.


This week, Cravens is back, and seven others from Washington, D.C. are joining him in the search for their friend.


Their search isn't simple. Since Pelzner is believed to be living among San Diego's homeless, they're modelling his lifestyle -- talking to the homeless community, sleeping out on the sidewalks at night and showing photos of Pelzner. They're hoping that the more people see him, the sooner they'll be able to find him and make sure he's OK.


The group wants Pelzner to know that if he needs anything, they want to help -- and they'd be happy to get him a ticket home.


Anyone who sees Ed Pelzner or has tips on his whereabouts is asked to contact the group at


The group says they don't carry personal items or cell phones with them while they're out in the streets searching, so email would be the best way to reach them.