Teens caught breaking-in, ransacking Tierrasanta house

Posted at 11:18 PM, Jan 19, 2018

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) – Police arrested three juveniles following a house break-in on the Tierrasanta area Thursday morning. 

The homeowner, Will Klingler, says the teens broke in before 10 a.m. It seems like they jumped a side fence and went through an open window.

“They just completely ransacked the house,” Klingler said.  “They just opened cabinets, ripped things out, they had actually looked like they had been chugging vodka with pre-workout powder.”  

Klingler also found two flat-screen TV’s destroyed. One looked like one TV was ripped off the wall and then punched.  The other one looked like it was stabbed by what he thinks was a pocketknife.

“Maybe they felt this was something cool to do, but it’s not,” Klingler said. “They violated my family.”

A neighbor saw the teens and became suspicious, so she called the police.  The teens tried to get away by running into a canyon behind the house, but police caught them.  

Klingler says he got some of the things the teens tried to run away with but is still missing things, like her mother-in-law’s jewelry.  He's also missing two of his watches.

“I’m assuming they were throwing stuff out as they were trying to get away,” he said. 

“The one thing that would actually make us feel better is if the parents of these children take a few minutes and actually reach out and take some responsibility and ownership for what their kids did,” Klingler said.