Team 10: Accused squatter ordered to remove her belongings from elderly widow's house

Posted at 5:01 PM, Dec 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-22 14:47:55-05

SAN DIEGO - A woman accused of taking over the College Area home owned by a 90-year-old woman was ordered by a judge to retrieve her belongings that are still in the house.

It's been more than two months since Cheryl Sherrell was arrested at Fran Breslauer's home. In addition to the four misdemeanor counts she faces, Sherrell was ordered to stay away from Breslauer's home.

In October, Breslauer's daughter, Jan, had the locks changed on the home she grew up in. The inside was packed with old appliances, piles of clothing, pill bottles and junk, and Breslauer claims most of it belongs to Sherrell.

Sherrell was hired to help Fran Breslauer care for her ailing husband, Alan. Alan Breslauer died in February, and even though Sherrell moved out for a brief time, she returned to the house after learning Fran Breslauer had gone to live with a daughter in Oregon.

Team 10 uncovered evidence that Sherrell was renting out rooms at Breslauer's house, claiming she was the owner.

Team 10 learned Sherrell rejected a plea deal from the San Diego City Attorney's Office, so her trial was set for February.

Jan Breslauer said it's not soon enough for her mother.

"That house is her only asset; she's used up what little savings she has. She has no money left and the defendant has been standing there with her foot on my mother's neck for months, just using this leverage of possession to keep my mom from moving on with her life. That alone is a huge crime, in my opinion," said Breslauer.