Swastikas carved outside Mira Mesa home

Posted at 7:05 AM, Sep 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-09 11:53:49-04
SAN DIEGO – A family is concerned after it found swastikas carved into the concrete outside its Mira Mesa home this week. 
Katie Sciurba and her husband Jerry Jenkins were getting work done on their house when they found the Swastikas, and the letters SWP -- possibly standing for Supreme White Power -- carved into fresh concrete in front of their home. 
"We've been here six years and never had an issue,” Katie Sciurba said. “It's a very diverse community, and we've never had any issue with our neighbors in the past."
It was not clear if this was a targeted hate crime. Sciurba said her family is likely the only interracial one on the block.
"I was immediately sickened, and thinking, 'are my kids safe?’” Sciurba asked. “’Do I live in a safe community? Do I live in the same community I thought I lived in?'"
The family filed a report with San Diego police. So far, no suspects have been identified. 
"As a father, obviously, I'm more concerned if anything is going to happen to my boys," Jenkins said. 
The family was hoping to have the vandalism cleaned up by Thursday. They were also planning to install 
"You never know who's living amongst you because this is not something I could have ever imagined, could have fathomed," Sciurba said.