Surfers play "dangerous game" at Ocean Beach

Posted at 8:16 AM, Dec 09, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-09 11:16:28-05
SAN DIEGO -- Adrenaline junkies were using San Diego's high surf to get a rush this week. 
Video shows surfers shooting the pier at Ocean Beach. San Diego Lifeguards are worried the dangerous game could turn deadly. It's already illegal for anyone to be within 75-feet of the pier in the water. Surfers have a lot more to worry about than just broken bones if they get thrown up against the pier.
"There's barnacles on the pilings, the supports, and so if you fall into those, it's not just like hitting a telephone pole, it's like sharp barnacles, so you're going to get all cut up too," said Steve Mara, who took video of people shooting the pier for his company Ho Stevie.
Mara confessed he's done the dangerous ride before, but not this year because the waves are way too big.
"It's really scary and it's a huge adrenaline rush." 
If lifeguards catch anyone shooting the pier, they could give out a ticket and a fine.
"So you want to choose the right wave that gives you enough time to set up and find out which pier, or which piling, you're going to go through," Mara said. "And then once you figure that out you just go and hope you don't hit the piling."
El Nino could trigger even bigger surf before the end of the year. Mara says he won't go in until the waves go down, but he totally understands why people can't stay away.
"Of course it's not safe, that's what makes it fun and scary," Mara said.