Stunt driver speeds through SD in viral video

Posted at 7:50 AM, Mar 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-08 11:41:24-05
SAN DIEGO -- A video of a stunt driver in a heavily modified "Slingshot" has been turning heads in San Diego, as well as raising concerns about safety. 
The video, shot in December 2015, starts off by warning viewers not to try stunts like this on their own, or they could die. 
"If the streets aren't blocked off, it's crazy," Scott Albert said. "Obviously someone is getting hit or hurt." 
10News tracked down the makers of the video, Matt and Joshua Martelli, who own and operate Mad Media in Oceanside. The brothers frequently direct projects like this. 
"This was a really fun one to put together," Joshua said. 
He says the shoot took months to plan and get permits for. They also worked closely with the city and police to block roads and keep everything controlled. 
"I have to give the San Diego Police Department a lot of credit," Joshua said. "They were fantastic in allowing us to move block by block and street by street and shoot this one piece at a time." 
San Diego Police say they deployed a movie detail for the project after Mad Media had an approved application to film it with City Special Events.
The Martellis even brought in world champion Formula Drift and Rallycross champion Tanner Foust to drive the Slingshot.
"He's an incredible driver, and what we wanted to do, we wanted to make sure that the person behind the wheel of this car knew exactly what they were doing," Joshua said. 
Joshua adds that featuring San Diego in videos like this is a great way to showcase the city and bring more production work to San Diego instead of losing it to Los Angeles. 
This is not their first shoot like this. They've also done similar project in Ohio and Washington, D.C. 
Joshua warns everyone to leave these stunts to the professionals. 
"Let the experts do it for fun. Enjoy it. Spread it around, share it with your friends, but at the end of the day, this is a world-class expert driver in a heavy modified machine driving on a closed course with paramedics on stand-by just in case."