Student ambushed by armed robbers

Police say crime trend may be in San Diego
Posted at 11:29 PM, Jan 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-27 12:52:03-05

A student who lives in Point Loma is warning others to be careful after she was robbed in her driveway.

Eighteen-year-old Mariah, who was too scared to give her last name or show her face, says she had just finished a long day of studying for finals Wednesday night. She was unloading the backseat of her car around 9:30pm when two men ran up behind her in the Roseville-Fleet Ridge neighborhood. 

“I thought it was fake, I don’t know why," Mariah said. "I just thought this wasn’t real. I wish I was better at looking at who it was but I couldn’t take my eyes off the gun.”

Mariah says one of them pointed a gun in her face in the 3500 block of Fenelon Street, and stole her money, bags, and laptop.

“I think I like squealed when I first saw them running at me," she said. "So they kept saying 'be quiet. Where’s the money? Where’s the money?' And I said 'it’s right here' so they kept saying 'give it to me, give me the whole thing' and they said 'if you scream, we’ll shoot you.' And then while they were running, the second guy was yelling profanities calling me a [expletive] saying if I scream, 'shoot that [expletive].”

Mariah says the robbery made her miss finals.

“I was taking a four week class so today was my last day but I wasn’t, I didn’t go, and I didn’t have any of the assignments to turn in,” she said. "My whole life is like on that laptop."

She is still jumpy, but she says the scariest thing is police told her they think this robbery is part of a trend where criminals follow students home from school and rob them.

"Yeah, they're pretty sure they followed me from San Diego State area," Mariah said. "I don't know if they did follow me, I don't know if they have been following me and just like have been noticing a routine of me coming here, I'm not sure. Which that to me is even scarier."

Mariah wants everyone to be careful when they get home and when they are unloading their car, especially women. She also says from now on she will be carrying a taser and pepper spray.

"That I'm alive, very lucky."

Police say the two suspects were both around 6 feet tall and in their 20's.