Street racing in 4S Ranch sparks calls for speed bumps

Posted at 6:48 PM, May 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-23 22:28:23-04

4S RANCH, CA (KGTV) - A rash of street racing on a straightaway in 4S Ranch has neighbors calling for the county to intervene.

Surveillance images show the beginning of an illegal street race on Four Gee Road Tuesday morning that ended in a crash.

No one was injured, but neighbors are growing weary of the close calls.

“This most recent incident was probably the most severe case we’ve ever seen,” said Tony Cesario, who has dozens of the incidents on video.

Cesario’s security camera on his back fence caught the moments before a BMW racing a pickup truck ran off the road.

“This happens on a weekly basis,” said Michael Chard, another neighbor, “it’s teenagers.”

Residents say they call the authorities when it happens, but the drivers are always gone before law enforcement arrives.

“At some point, somebody’s going to get killed,” added Chard.

The county has previously denied resident’s attempts to add speed bumps on the half-mile long straightway that runs from Mount Gee to Camino Del Norte.

A hangup for their efforts is that Four Gee Road is used for fire access.

The Rancho Santa Fe Fire District has the final approval for any road alterations as part of the the fire code.

A spokesperson says the speed bumps can damage their equipment when they are responding to a fire.

Lucy Chard was home when Tuesday’s crash occurred and she says it’s only a matter of time until happens again.

“There was a line of kids right down there waiting for the school bus,” said Chard standing where the BMW crashed, “and if this happened a few hundred yards down the road it would have been a different situation.”