Standoff suspect's boss: He 'seemed psycho' at company Christmas party

Posted at 6:31 AM, Dec 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-14 12:40:41-05
SAN DIEGO -- We’re now learning more about the man at the center of a SWAT standoff and police shootout in Clairemont.
Police arrested Hayden Gerson on multiple charges after the standoff ended around 4:00 a.m. Monday. 
Late Tuesday night, there were still police cars parked on Mt. St. Helens Drive and crews were working to board up windows at the house where Gerson was barricaded inside.
10News found a Facebook post from Gerson that appears to show him talking about drugs. He writes, “Psychedelics opened my third eye and allowed me to get rid of my fear.” It’s in a post about skydiving that mentions not fearing death.
10News also found that Gerson works at a solar panel company. His boss said that Gerson “seemed psycho” at the company Christmas party, and hadn’t shown up to work in a week.
Police said they were called to the house on a domestic. The caller, a woman, described her boyfriend as delusional and violent.
Police officers said Gerson said delusional things to them too Monday night when they showed up, before he punched two officers in the face and barricaded himself inside with a gun.
Hayden Gerson has been in the news before. In April, he and a girlfriend were the subjects of an international missing persons case when they disappeared during a Jamaican cruise. The couple later claimed they’d missed the boarding call and the ship set sail without them.
Team 10 looked into Gerson’s background and discovered he’s owned several businesses from real estate and financing to a solar panel installation company.
Gerson is an avid motorcycle racer and the father of an 8-year old girl. He’s been married for 9 years to Precila Gerson, but filed for dissolution in early November. Court documents say there is no known address for Precila Gerson. The couple separated 3 years ago.
Social media sites show Gerson is into yoga and spirituality. He also appears to be a bit of a daredevil, trying things like sky-diving to leave his fears behind.
One of his last Facebook posts, one week before his arrest, Gerson wrote: “Don’t pay attention to the devil, even if he’s sitting right on your shoulder.”
Team 10 reached out to Gerson’s family members. They did not return our calls.