Son remembers mother and sister after release of driver's autopsy in deadly 805 crash

Son speaks after update in deadly 805 crash
Posted at 9:54 PM, Oct 12, 2018

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - The autopsy of the driver who drove up an off-ramp the wrong way onto the 805 and slammed into an SUV holding a mother and her 12-year-old daughter was released Friday.

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The report states the death of Trevor Heitmann, 18, also known on YouTube as McSkillet, was accidental and he had no drugs or alcohol in his system during the time of the crash.

"I'm not doing good and bad is an understatement," Dominic Pizarro, 22, says the past two months has been a challenge each day.

He lost his mother, Aileen Pizarro, 43, and sister, Aryana.

"It's interesting the fact he had nothing in his system, and I think it's much sadder in that aspect," Pizarro said at first read, the report angered him. Then, as he understood the context, his frustration disintegrated, concerned more with the fact Heitmann never got help. "I feel for the family in that case. He, you know, nobody should have to go through that."

That, referring to the loss of someone integrated into the fabric of your daily life, "I would always try to go and make a phone call to mom about how my day went, which is what I would do when I was away at training for the Air Force. I would call my family and let them know how my day is going, and that took a while to learn I can't do that anymore," he said. Throughout the interview, he was strong and stable, never shying away from a question or getting emotional.

He said each day he fights a battle, whether it's just getting up in the morning, or something reminding him in the middle of his day that they're never coming back.

He is back at school, studying for his Master's Degree, and taking what happened to him as a way to give back, "we're trying to do a scholarship in my sister's honor for musicians."

The Aryana Pizarro Music Scholarship will help talented kids, like his sister, get the funding they need to perfect their art.

Dominic said because of his deep faith, friends, and family, he's been able to push forward. He hopes others can find peace in the faith he's grown.

"I think people easily either choose like you said to do something selfish or to give up and I don't want people to give up, I, I, giving up is too easy... [surviving] is worth it."