Some San Diegans can get homes fixed for free

Posted at 5:17 PM, Jun 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-24 08:24:32-04

Owning a home in San Diego is expensive, and paying for repairs can be even worse, but the city is injecting hundreds of thousands of dollars into a nonprofit that fixes local homes for free.

The organization Rebuilding Together San Diego essentially built Angela Ramirez and her family a new home in Mount Hope.

"There was no walls, no fence, no doors," Ramirez said. "Sometimes (rain) would drip down."

The nonprofit will do all sorts of projects, including new doors, paint, windows, remodels for accessibility and energy efficiency. The group is about to get $325,000 toward repairs for low- and moderate-income San Diego families.

The waiting list is in the hundreds, but project manager Deanne Hutchison said families should still apply. In fact, some can be moved to the front if they're matched with the right private donor.

"We might get a sponsor that specifically says, 'We want to do a veteran family with children,' and I may have just gotten that application yesterday, so because they fit that scope, they would be handled sooner," she said.

A family of four earning less than $51,000 a year is eligible.

For more eligibility information and an application, click here.