Some families can get their homes fixed for free

Posted at 4:44 AM, Aug 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-25 10:40:20-04

Buying a home is exciting, but paying to fix it can be costly.

Now, a local group is stepping in to help some low-income San Diego County families fix their homes pretty much for free. 

Habitat for Humanity is accepting applications from families who own their own homes in Logan Heights and El Cajon. Its volunteers will do exterior repairs, accessibility improvements, energy efficiency upgrades, sustianable landscaping, and health and safety improvements. The group asks homeowners to be involved in the construction, and for a $100 contribiution.

Lizzy Rodriguez bought a 1950s era home in Logan Heights in 2011. She said it was nice on the inside, but the backyard was missing stairs, banisters, and was at the bottom of an unstable cliff.

"It was basically a 10-foot drop from that tiered backyard onto concrete," she said. 

Habitat for Humanity volunteers built her stairs, railings, stabilized the cliffs, painted the house, and installed drought resistant landscape - something Rodriguez calls a dream come true.

The group is currently building new townhomes in Logan Heights and El Cajon, and fixing neighboring homes is part of its project. 

"If we can work with a family and stabilize that home and make it safe, it's like adding a new home into the housing stock," said Habitat for Humanity CEO Lori Pfeiler.

Here are some of the income requirements to apply:


Family Size

Gross Minimum Yearly Income

Gross Maximum Yearly Income