Some businesses spurned by All-Star crowd

Posted at 6:37 PM, Jul 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-12 22:29:18-04

Tens of thousands of people are in San Diego for Tuesday’s All-Star Game – and they brought their money with them.

But they’re shying away from some popular downtown restaurants that staffed up for the festivities.

“This is basically a regular Tuesday afternoon,” said Rich Haley, general manager of Knotty Barrel, on Market Street, about a block from the All-Star block party and Petco Park stadium.

Haley thought it would be the opposite – with tourists expected to bring in a $1.4 billion pot this July during the All-Star Game festivities (Other July events include Fourth of July fireworks displays, LGBT Pride festival weekend events, and Comic-Con).

The harsh reality set in Monday with the Home-Run Derby.

“We were ramped up for it,” he said. “Brought in all our staff, all hands on deck, and all day long it was very slow down here. “

The restaurant is on Market Street, just about one city block away from the All-Star Block Party and Petco Park.  It’s home to popular spots like Bootlegger and East Village Tavern and Bowl.

“Too far,” said Brad Ledwith, who is going to the game. “You want to be with the people, you want to be hanging out with the folks.”

Meanwhile, places next to the ballpark filled up fast.

“I actually took a walk down to the boardwalk party,” Haley said. “All the bars down there, Bubs and Social Tap, they were all busy but nothing was really flowing this way.”

Haley says business got better Monday night after the Home-Run Derby, when people ventured away from the ballpark.

“Then we started getting crushed, which was great,” Haley said.

He’s now staffing up for after the All-Star Game game, but during the day, it’s back to business.