Solana Beach thief cases condo to tune of $12K

Posted at 7:38 AM, Nov 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-16 10:52:06-05
SOLANA BEACH, Calif. -- Police are searching for a thief who was caught on camera breaking into a Solana Beach condo Tuesday morning. 
The burglar victimized the same man in two locations in a matter of minutes. 
Aaron Waldman said someone broke into his Jeep while he was at work in Sorrento Valley Tuesday morning. The thief took Waldman’s garage door opener and car registration. Both gave the criminal easy access to Waldman’s home on Via De La Valle. 
Once there, Waldman said the man used the garage door opener to get in. That’s where a surveillance camera captured a picture of the burglar. Making things even easier for the burglar, the door from Waldman’s garage into his house wasn’t locked. He told San Diego County Sheriff’s investigators the burglar took more than $12,000 worth of electronics and cameras. 
Yet, the thief didn’t touch Waldman’s credit cards or cash. 
“The main laptops have a lot of personal photos on it that I didn’t back up on the cloud, that’s the biggest,” Waldman said. “Everything else can be replaced but the photos and the memories.
Waldman hopes someone recognizes the suspect and turns him in.