Suspect in Ocean Beach parrot killings?

Posted at 11:24 PM, Mar 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-10 09:01:01-05

SAN DIEGO -- A tip may lead to the person responsible for shooting and killing parrots in Ocean Beach and Point Loma this year.

The group SoCal Parrot says that five parrots have been shot and killed so far this year in the area. SoCal Parrot posted a timeline of the events on its Facebook page Wednesday. The organization also revealed that police may be looking at a suspect; a juvenile who lives in the neighborhood where three of the parrots were shot.

Members are anxious for an arrest. 

"To see repetitively the same species, in the same neighborhood, continually fall is disheartening," said Amanda Plante, Education and Development Director with SoCal Parrot.

The organization also confirmed a necropsy on the fifth bird shows it died after being hit by some sort of projectile.

SoCal Parrot formed in 2012. Since then, the group has nursed back to health birds that have been wounded by pellet or BB guns.

"This is a huge influx, this is bird after bird, week after week now that we are seeing come from the same area," said Plante.

Wednesday evening neighbors were enjoying watching the colorful birds roost in a tree in Ocean Beach.

"They're just lovely little creatures, just flying around for our enjoyment, they're not to be hurt," said Marcella Perez.

Perez is shocked that someone is killing the delicate creatures.

"We're lucky to have them, think of all the places that never see parrots, that you have to go to the zoo," said Perez.

A spokesman with San Diego's Department of Animal Services would not comment on a possible suspect, he would only say this remains an active investigation.