Small shops speak up against South Park Target

Posted at 5:58 AM, Oct 02, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-02 08:58:04-04

SAN DIEGO - A new Target store is about to open in the South Park neighborhood, but this location will not be selling some common items.

"They have a small selection of clothing," said Jenna Gumto, who works at the store So Childish. "[It's] not going to carry toys."

She also said the new Target store near Grape and Fern streets is "not gonna have a Starbucks in the store."

The store has 19,000 square foot of space, and Gumto told 10News that "they're going to have some electronics and some hardware items."

"They just said they didn't want to compete with some of the businesses that are already in the neighborhood," added Gumto.

The new store will be called Target Express and it will be located near the store where Gumto works. She said, "You know, they really seem to want to be part of the small community so they're making a lot of changes specifically for this neighborhood."

However, at first, not everyone was happy about Target moving in.

"Boy, a big store is coming into the neighborhood, we don't know if we like that," said Gumto.

Some still aren't. South Park has many mom-and-pop shops throughout the neighborhood, and some of the merchants are really hoping that Target will help turn things around and bring in more foot traffic.

"Because this end of South Park doesn't get a lot of foot traffic after about 2:30 in the afternoon," said Gumto. "They've been really focused on the grocery, pharmacy and hardware aspect of it."

Target had a few meetings with residents and said they wanted to fit in with the aesthetic of the community.

"So I think that's a good move on their part," said Gumto.

That's why there won't be a Starbucks inside.

"They're respecting Captain Kirk's, which has been there in the parking lot," said Gumto.

Or toys and gifts you'll find at a place like So Childish.

"And if it's someone that serves the needs of the neighborhood, then we're totally excited about that," said Gumto.

The Target Express is set to open in October.